American National Standards ­Institute

BRIC countries

Group of emerging countries with high economic growth. BRIC is an acronym of the capital letters of Brazil, Russia, India and China.


International Monetary Fund, a specialised agency of the United Nations with headquarters in Washington D.C.


Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau e. V. [German Engineering Federation]

Key Corporate and Technical Terms

Bus system

A wiring system that transfers data between a number of technical devices

Variable speed system

An electrotechnical or hydraulic system that adjusts the pump speed to match the required flow rate and discharge head

Triple-offset design

Butterfly valve design principle that allows easy actuation even at high operating pressures


Fluids that can be magnetised as they contain metal nanoparticles

Frequency inverter

A device that can be used to change the available mains ­frequency

Green electricity

Synonym for electricity produced from renewable energy sources like wind or solar power

Integrated Management System

KSB's Integrated Management System combines Quality, Environmental, Occupational Health and ­Safety, Energy and Sustainability Management in a harmonised structure and ensures compliance with the relevant requirements.

KSB Care

Aid fund of Asian KSB companies that supports educational institutions


In biogas generation: Fitting new mixers in biomass-filled digesters with the aim of improving ­efficiency


Modernisation of installed systems or components, often aimed at extending their service life, increasing efficiency or complying with new legislation

Energy-efficient motor ­technology

An umbrella term for various physi­cal principles that can be used to reduce the power consumption of electric motors

UN Global Compact

A global initiative for businesses and organisations launched by the United Nations with the aim of shaping social and ecological ­globalisation

Submersible borehole pump

Pump set, predominantly used in wells, with an electric drive whose rotor and stator are immersed in liquid